What is Granite?

Granite is a naturally found stone composed of several large mineral grains tightly packed together. The main components include Feldspar and Quartz with a mix of other minerals including Biotite and Muscovite.

The minerals Feldspar and Quartz, which are the major components of granite, are harder than steel. This is why throughout human civilization, granite has been used as a building material.

Where does granite originate?

Granite is naturally formed in most parts of the world, but it is quarried in significant quantities in Brazil, India, Italy, Africa, Norway, Finland, and China. A majority of the most desirable granite slabs used for kitchen countertops in the USA come from Brazil, India, and Italy.

Does heat damage granite?

No, granite can withstand very high temperatures. Placing hot pans or a hot kettle will not cause any damage to the granite’s color or stability. However, it is recommended that you use trivets because of other reasons.

Can knives scratch granite?

Knives cannot scratch true granite. The only thing harder than granite is diamond. For example, diamond is scored 10 on the MOH’s hardness scale and granite is scored 7. Diamond blades are the only thing that can cleanly cut through granite. Other natural stones like Gneiss and Schist are commonly called granite, but they do not have a MOH score of 7.

Can granite be repaired?

The short answer is yes, they can be repaired by a granite certified professional, depending of course on how deep was the damage.

Northshore Stoneworks offer this service also periodic countertop maintenance and revitalization.

Do I need an appointment?

No. You can visit us at any time during our normal business hours or give us a call beforehand so that we are able to visit your location and give you our undivided attention.

What are prefabricated granite blanks?

Granite slabs that are cut into particular sizes and have one edge that is polished. They are typically fabricated in countries with cheap labor, like China, and if you decide to use these, you will not have a custom fabricated countertop. Some lower end fabricators use granite blanks to entice customers with a low price.

What surface finishes does granite come with?

  • Polished: A shiny, glossy surface. This is by far the most popular.
  • Honed: A matte finish.
  • Brushed: A rough texture. Suitable for outdoor kitchens, though some designers like to use it inside as well.

What is the thickness of the granite used for countertops?

LA granite countertop industry uses 3cm (1 ¼”) thick granite for kitchen countertops application and 1 ¼” thickness granite is sturdy enough to be placed directly on the cabinets.

Do I need to reinforce my cabinets for granite installation?

No. If you use 3cm (1 ¼”) thick granite which is normal in the LA state, you do not need any special reinforcement. You may need some additional support in the corners of walls that our template specialist (the guy who comes to measure) will be able to explain to you.

Do you sell cabinetry?

No. But we offer cabinet design and we can refer you to a great cabinet maker who we have worked with many times before.

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