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Countertops represent one of the largest visual aspects of any new kitchen, and with so many different materials and styles offered today, many new homeowners find it more challenging than expected to design this important focal point.
An ideal countertop material should offer both durability and a pleasing aesthetic that matches the overall design theme of the room.
We will use our experience and relationship with trusted distributors to select the most appropriate stone for your project.


Rather than constructing a template from wood, plywood or cardboard , Northshore Stoneworks uses the latest technological equipment available today, we use a laser template system to create an extremely accurate digital template of your project.
This system saves time and money, the precise measurements minimize waste and we don’t need to remove your existing countertops until we return to install your new countertops. the laser technology is able to pick up any wall, cabinets, tile or floor imperfections along with precise cabinet dimensions so your countertops will fit like a glove.
All the information is feed into a laptop computer on the job site and can be transferred digitally instantly to our production office for rendering and verification.


We want your project to come out exactly the same way you envision it!
Our Slab-smith technology is a revolutionary design-aid in the countertop process which allows our customers to visualize what your finish project will look like before any material is cut.
After you hand-select your stone, we digitally photographed your stone with slab-smith software on a green screen and sent to our design team. From here the countertop layout is created.
All seams, grain direction, color veining and any other characteristics of the slabs are optimized for the best layout, we’ll send you a proof of the design for your approval and if you like, we can make changes as necessary to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.


Our digital template and slab-smith computer programs are connect to machines at our fabrication warehouse to completely automated precision cut and quality processing. The result is a beautifully executed countertop with tight fitting seams.
All of our final machined stone is hand polished to generate the highest quality sheen and smoothest edges available. True perfection craftsmanship , our artisans do breathtaking stone work to delivery your dream surface exactly as you expected.


Once your countertop is fabricated and inspected by our quality control staff , our office will schedule the installation. Our custom installation team work with homeowners to ensure a hassle – free experience.
All natural stone countertops installed by Northshore Stoneworks is professional sealed with 3 layers of bulletproof penetrating sealer. The sealing process makes your countertops stain resistance . it doesn’t make them stain proof.
We ask our clients to have an authorized adult who is at least 18 years old to be present on-site during installation to inspect quality and sign off on completed installation.

Great attention to detail on every piece created.

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